Multi-Floor Parking

This Automated Mechanical Parking System can cater for as little as 10 Cars/SUV's with an unlimited maximum number of vehicles capable of being parked.

Multi-Floor Parking System reduces to a minimum the amount of space required to park each vehicle and has an average retrieval time of less than two minutes.

It operates with the driver parking and leaving the vehicle in the parking bay at the entrance level. Once the driver leaves the safety zone incorporated into the parking bay, the system automatically parks the vehicle in its determined parking place.

The movement of the car is achieved by use of a lift (a maximum of 70 cars per lift is recommended) to bring the vehicle to the required floor level and thereafter by a cart to its parking bay.

The quick parking and retrieval times of the system is achieved by the use of carts for horizontal movement of the vehicles at each parking level. The use of a PIN code or Parking ticket identifies the vehicle position within the system, for its efficient retrieval.

Multi-floor Parking


  • Parking and retrieval of the parked vehicle is quick, safe and reliable.
  • The parking of SUV's and other such vehicles can be accommodated.
  • This system is suitable for use for parking within buildings at both above and below ground level.
  • Office, Residential, Commercial Parking, Park and Ride and other such like facilities in both above and below ground applications use Multi-Floor Automated Parking Systems.
  • The operation of the system is overseen and reliably governed by computers.
  • An engineered safety zone, together with multiple safety equipment guarantees its safe operation.
  • The space required per vehicle is minimised as no ramps are required.
  • The system is bespoke designed to meet the space available and maximise the parking capacity.
  • Minimal ventilation and lighting required in the parking area.
  • The cost per parking space is low.
  • This system is suitable for both public and private use.
  • Maintenance costs are minimised.
  • The Multi-Floor system is tried, tested, well proven and very reliable with a large number of reference sites available.
  • Conforms to European (C E) standards.
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001: 2000 standards.