Optima Parking

This Automated Mechanical Parking System can have a capacity of between 10 and 46 Car/SUV parking spaces per system depending on the space available.

It operates by the driver parking the vehicle in the parking bay at the entrance level. Once the driver leaves the safety zone incorporated into the parking bay the system automatically commences the vehicle parking procedure.

The lift brings the vehicle to the designated level and the vehicle is moved sideways into the parking area leaving the lift free to accept another car for parking. The principle of operation is a multi-circulation concept and uses two lifts to optimize its performance.

The Optima System is up to 8 times more efficient in space usage than conventional parking. A turntable can be incorporated into the lift which turns the cars through 180 degrees to ensure all cars are parked facing the direction of the exit. This facilitates the safe and convenient retrieval of the vehicle from the system.

The operation of the system is governed by a computer and its status is monitored on an ongoing basis. The use of a PIN code or Parking ticket identifies the vehicle position within the system, allowing for it's retrieval on demand.

Optima Parking


  • Suitable for both Public and Private parking.
  • Safety is ensured by use of a parking safety zone and multiple safety sensors.
  • Access to and egress from the parking bay is quick, safe and convenient.
  • The operation of the system is overseen and reliably governed by a computer.
  • The system operates with a minimum of noise and vibration.
  • Low maintenance levels required by the system
  • The cost per parking space is low.
  • Optima Parking Systems uses well tried and tested technology and has many reference sites available. It is used in both above and below ground installations where space is limited.
  • Due to the efficient use of space the Optima Parking System is most suitable to middle and small size buildings.
  • Conforms to European (C E) standards.
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001: 2000 standards.