Rotary Parking is ideal for Office, Factory, Apartment, Hotel Staff and Valet parking.

This Unique Automated Mechanical Parking System is designed to permit 7, 8, 10 or 12 cars ( 8 or 10 SUV's) to be easily and safely parked on the surface area required to park just 2 cars.

Rotary parking offers a reliable and economic solution to increase parking capacity where it is presently restricted.


Multi - Floor Automated Mechanical Parking system has a capacity to park from as little as 10 Cars/SUV's to an unlimited number and can be configured within a building.

Other widely used applications for this Parking System are large stand alone Commercial Parking, Park and Ride and other such like facilities, with an average vehicle retrieval time of less than two minutes.


Elevator Automated Mechanical Parking System has a capacity from 12 to 70 Cars/SUV's per system and is widely used in office and apartment blocks.

This parking system requires a very small land footprint and is equipped with a built in turntable which facilitates the safe and convenient retrieval of the vehicle.


Optima Automated Mechanical Parking System is the most Compact of all systems available with a capacity of 10 to 46 Cars/SUV's per system, therefore it is ideal for use above or below ground level where space is limited.

Due to the efficient use of space this Optima Parking System is most suited to middle and small size buildings.